About Us

Trigent infotech Private Limited is a leading enterprise software development and ERP implementation company who provides customized ERP and innovative business solutions. Trigent is dedicated to develop software for discrete manufacturing, trading and service management industries since 2012. Trigent helps to industry customers to establish best practices in business development, manufacturing, service and management.

Trigent serves software for Discrete Manufacturing, Process Industries, Electronic & Switch Gear Manufacturers, Government & Public Sectors, Logistic, Facility Management, Automobile Industries, Chemical Industries, Equipment Renting, Vehicle Renting, Retail Sectors, Trading Sectors and School Management etc.

We have complete range of Enterprise software like ERP for Manufacturing Units, ERP for Food Processing Units, ERP for School/Collage Management, Inventory Management Software, POS Software, Billing Software, HR & Payroll Software, Scaffolding Management Software, Lead Management Software and Customized Software Solutions for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sectors.


Our mission is to enhancing the business growth of our customers. We deliver high-quality software's that create value for our clients around the world. We always try to improve the quality of our products by exploring innovative ideas.


Our vision is to grow as a major IT software provider to become a leading performer, in providing the high quality industrial software solution in global market.


We have professionals with expertise in different business verticals. They are equipped with high creative knowledge in delivering the solution to our clients. Based on our past experience we have structured our resources in to separate divisions each division are lead by Senior Management Consultants. Our target is to have independent & integrated structure to increase overall efficiency of the organization: Business Development, Solutions Developers, Functional Experts, Implementation Team and Technologies Training Team.

    Our People Our Strength
  • Allocated to various domains and aligned to different service needs
  • Hired though campus recruitment, partners (need based)
  • Qualified and Experienced ERP Consultants

  • Competency Development Program
  • Partners programs and seminars
  • Knowledge sharing sessions
  • In-house Training Program
  • Soft skills-interpersonal communications
  • Cross training to enable multi tasking