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TrigentCRM is cloud based customer relationship management (CRM) software. Manual tasks are a major time-killer – automated sales management CRM software brings true automation to enterprise sales. A sales CRM solution will visibly transform enterprise sales processes leading to improved team collaboration, higher number of deal closures and real-time tracking of sales-related activities on a cloud interface. Our CRM software is a complete solution of lead management, opportunity, sales order management and gives 360-degree view of your customers. It keeps all your contacts in one centralized, customizable database. It manages your entire sales process so that you can keep deals moving forward and you can see everything about a lead in a single screen. Start using our free CRM software demo today. It’s easy to use and customized CRM software for small, medium and large sized businesses.


CRM Software Features

Lead Generation

Give your customers a more personalized and native experience with lead management software (TrigentCRM). Care of every leads, converting lead into a potential buyer. From lead generation to scoring to conversion, simple and attractive user interface with a minimal manpower.

Meeting Remainder

It is a powerful meeting management feature, system gives you a notification and SMS alert for today meeting, follow-ups, lapsed meeting. The upcoming reminders remind you of upcoming meetings and allow you to follow with one click.

Easy Follow-up

Every lead is important, Stop forgetting to follow-up use our enquiry management system. It’s time to break your habit, our system reminds you to time-to-time for follow-up and it is very simple to use. Start getting the upcoming follow-up reports.

Daily Report

Show report on single click like enquiry/leads, offer, follow-ups, sale order, collection, next meeting schedule, outstanding amount etc.

Lead Assignment

You can create a rule for lead assignment. Assign your leads to sales manager/ service engineer; it is more flexible and helps to trace activity of every lead.

Sale Target

Forecast your revenue and assign targets for your team with key information like deals in the pipeline, quotas achieved, and individuals or teams that are working towards their goals.

Performance Monitoring

With help of our CRM software you can monitor your sales team performance. You can identify the bottlenecks using real-time data analysis and boost your team's capability and performance.

Payment Collection

Be smarter in collecting your payments and managing your customers with TrigentCRM. You can manage your deliverables and associated payments from a single payment monitoring module.

MIS Reports

Sharpen your sales proficiency by receiving updated sales reports. These reports include Daily sales reports, target vs achievement reports and other reports based on present performance values.

Know more about TrigentCRM

(CRM Software)

Manage your leads across multiple channels with multichannel sales and never miss out on any opportunity. Track leads from website, call, chat, email, social, and get every lead into one single dashboard and define lead status for each prospect (Hot, Warm, and Cold).

  • Generate Lead
  • Set next Follow-Up Date
  • Follow-Up Reminder SMS
  • Follow-Up Notification
  • Today Follow-Up Leads
  • Show Upcoming Follow-Ups
  • Show Lapsed Follow-Up Details
  • Show not interested Leads Details
  • Show Hot, Warm, and Cold Leads
  • Convert Leads to Enquiry-Meeting

We are a best provider of lead management software; you can manage your meeting schedule and follow ups in more easy way. Our web based quotation management process helps you to maximize the performance.

  • Lead assign to Sales Person
  • Quotation Status
  • Meeting Status
  • Set next Meeting/Follow-Up Date
  • Meeting/Follow-Up Reminder SMS
  • Meeting/Follow-Up Notification
  • Today Meeting/Follow-Up Leads
  • Show Upcoming Meeting/Follow-Ups
  • Show Lapsed Meeting/Follow-Up Details
  • Show not interested Meeting/Leads Details
  • Show Hot, Warm, and Cold Meetings
  • Convert Leads to Meeting-Sale

In sales target management module you can set of sales goals & targets. As you know, achievement of sales goals can take a considerable amount of time and setting effective sales goals is one of the most important sales motivation tools.

  • Sales Target
  • Order Acceptance
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Payment Schedule
  • Payment (Advance)
  • Production/Packing Status
  • Product Delivery/Shipping Status
  • Invoice/Billing Status
  • Project Implementation Status
  • Total Sale Report
  • Employee Wise Sale Report
  • Target vs Sale Report
  • Employee Performance Report
  • Offer vs Sale Analysis

Never miss payment collection and due dates with our payment tracking software, which helps you to collect your outstanding bill amount on time. Manually keeping track of these types of activities can get cumbersome and challenging task.

  • Payment Collection Schedule
  • Payment Collection Report
  • Pending Payment Report
  • Payment Follow-Up
  • Set next Payment Follow-Up Date
  • Payment Follow-Up Reminder SMS
  • Payment Follow-Up Notification
  • Show Upcoming Payment Follow-Ups
  • Show Defaulter Client List
  • Total Outstanding Report

We have complete solution of
"Customer Relationship Management Software"

24 x 7 Support

We are an ISO certified software development company and serve 24x7 technical and functional support to our worldwide customers, our trained staff monitor our services, our customers queries and answer to customer generated email and phone calls. The staffs we use to monitor and maintain our services are domain expert of various sectors and they are resolve your issues with a minimum time frame.

Easy to Use

Our software in more simple and easy to use, it will reduce your business complexity and generate more revenues. You can download our software from our down center after completion of minimum formalities. Our technical staffs will help you to install the software and give training to use our software and other services like user creation, user wise form and reports rights, database backup etc.

Strong Database and Modern GUI

We use strong database Microsoft SQL Server, it is equipped with advanced data security, in-database analytics and in-memory performance. For GUI we use latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio, a modern UI design strengthen users confidence and help to work faster, and deliver greater value.

Customized Software Solution

We provide custom-built application as per the customer requirement. We design and implement software solutions that work – while you concentrate on your business. Our comprehensive delivery options enable us to distribute work across global locations to align with client’s cost, work speed, and risk requirements.

Multi Currency Supported

Multi-currency system refers to accounting software that enables trading in multiple currencies, which facilitates buying and selling internationally. Multi-currency systems can facilitate the recording of revenue and expenses converted from foreign to domestic currency. For companies that sell goods and services in foreign companies, a multi-currency system could automatically convert pricing to the customer’s currency.

Incremental Business Growth

Our software is one of the potential key to increase your business growth. It is a business boosters can reward your business in endless ways and gives your business an advantage to stay on top. Use our business management software’s and improve the performance of your business by taking the maximum benefit.

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