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Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing is the production of goods by combining supplies, ingredients or raw substances using a formula or recipe. Examples of process manufacturing goods include food, beverages, refined oil, gasoline, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics etc. The goods are produced in bulk quantities, and the production usually requires thermal or chemical conversion, such as with heat, time or pressure.

The product created with process manufacturing typically cannot be disassembled to its constituent parts. For example, once it is produced, a soft drink cannot be broken down into its ingredients. Goods made with process manufacturing are typically measured by weight or volume.

We are a best provider of custom erp software for Process manufacturing industries like:


Trigent ERP for Chemicals Manufacturers helps optimize your operating costs without compromising on safety standards, and supports continuous R&D efforts to make sure you remain competitive in your markets, globally.


Trigent ERP for Dairy Industry helps you solve even the most complex supply- demand puzzles, making sure you handle a perishable good smartly, without wastage. It also helps you easily manage multiple suppliers, while ensuring a smooth supply chain from end-to-end.

Food & Beverages

Trigent ERP for Food & Beverage Manufacturers helps you overcome constant pressure concerning margins, ever-changing and seasonal demands of retail customers and consumers, changing food habits of people around the world, pressure of adhering to stringent food safety regulations, etc., while also innovating to offer new and better products to your customers, in order to keep them delighted and loyal.


It is a full-featured Pharmaceutical ERP/Pharma ERP that covers every business process and provides full support to manufacturing, distribution, financial, and compliance needs. Real-time information and holistic view of the business helps in making proactive informed decision to outlast the competition.


TrigentERP software is an ERP Software for Plastic industry. This ERP System can be used by Startups, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises. It provides main features like CRM, Multi-level and multi-process BOMs; Regrind usage and consumption, recipes and blending, cavitations, Financial Management, HR & Payroll and more.


The core concept of the TrigentERP system is managing batch process manufacturing. Our fully integrated and comprehensive ERP software improves your company efficiency and productivity, better quality control, smooth delivery, manpower management, sales analysis, FIFO based inventory management and more.

Glass Manufacturers

Glass and glass products made by melting of silica sand or recycled broken or waste glass. Our ERP for glass manufacturing helps not only centralized the management system but it controls all the aspects like maximum utilization of resources and increases productivity and profitability.

Craft Beer and Liquor

Our software is designed for manage beer, craft breweries and beverage, spirits, energy drink and malt beverage manufacturers. We offer user friendly and fully integrated ERP system. You can easily manage your production-distribution process. Our solution helps brewers and distillers plan and manage production processes.


Trigent ERP is a customized ERP system and specifically designed for paint, coating and adhesive manufacturers. It helps you streamline of BOM recipe and ingredients, integrate with multiple departments, help to production planning, material planning, mixing, packing, dispatch and payment collection.