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We are a best ERP provider for electronic product manufacturing industries. Electronics manufacturing service provider’s biggest and most important challenge is managing the component sourcing. If done right, it makes the operations smooth and profitable. If done less efficiently, it will increase the cost of operations and production. Apart from component sourcing, managing inventory of hundreds of thousands of different components is also the key factor in efficiently run manufacturing process

TrigentERP™ system enables you to complete component sourcing activities in minutes instead of hours and days. TrigentERP have a rate contract module and connected with supplier and distributor wise rate list. In a single click you can fetch prices from different suppliers. System’s smart algorithm decides best prices based on price and availability (by comparing it with your Bill of Material).

Smart inventory system can manage inventory at different physical and virtual locations. Our ERP also has provision to manage inventory for specific customer for stock sourced for that customer or supplied by that customer. When you import your Bill of Material (BoM), system automatically detects if a component is supplied by customer or to be sourced by assembler. Based on the data, system automatically creates purchase plan and customer supplied component receipts.

Our software solution offers all the applications you need to run, it is more efficient to manage manufacturing operations. From Sales, CRM, Inventory management, Purchasing, Planning, Manufacturing, Logistics to Invoicing, every application you need is right at your fingertips.


TrigentERP automates order processing, vendor management, material management, purchase control and other basic manufacturing processes to help curtail inefficiencies in data handling and errors in production. This plays a prime role in improving the quality of manufactured electronics.

Management of Supply Chains

It is important for an electronics manufacturer to communicate in real-time observation and data capturing. This empowers the company to share information with all its suppliers from a single platform, email, fax, etc, which is tedious and time-consuming. The crux here is going paperless and engaging in real-time communication through a single ERP solution.

Track and Enhance Quality

Tracking of defects and weaker areas in the production process is of optimal requirement for electronics manufacturer. ERP for electronics manufacturers must track all the weaker areas and defects automatically paving way for real-time and seamless data flow across the organization.

Promote Lean Management

Electronics manufacturers should integrate lean tools for optimizing supply chains. Hence, ERP systems for manufacturing companies must help businesses obtain seamless data flow that is demand-centric and accurate. The system is expected to automate internal communication, production tracking, materials traceability and inventory management.

Improve Traceability

An industrial manufacturing ERP software should automatically track product codes and also the availability against the raised orders. This calls for having a feature that boosts traceability of the diverse products manufactured.

Improve Visibility

Electronics manufacturers should have an ERP system that offers real-time visibility all throughout the organization. This calls for intuitive tracking of machines, supply chain, production processes, costs, materials, etc. In other words, sales professionals and managers should gain quick access to the key metrics related sales, costs, materials, order, supply etc. to help them make informed decisions and anticipate better.